Design Thinking for beginners

Design thinking everywhere Design thinking as a problem solving methodology has been all over the business world lately and most recently featured in a Harvard Business spotlight on “the evolution of design thinking”. In case you’ve missed all this I wanted to share some of the basics around the methodology and get you up to speed with this…

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Reduce choice for higher sales

Idea The average modern American supermarket offers around 47,000 products and the default thinking of marketers around choice is; the more choice the better. This idea is about how fewer choices can sometimes actually give more sales and explores how to think about applying this to your business for higher sales and increased customer satisfaction. Background Research In research it…

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Why first choice means business

Idea Many marketers understands the idea of “first choice”; that if your product is chosen once, your chance of being selected again greatly increases. This idea is about how that choice works and how you can improve choice architecture to gain a higher likelihood of first choice and subsequent choices, ultimately resulting in higher sales. Background…

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How behavioral insights can increase donations

Idea This idea is about how you can use the behavioral insight of the “identifiable victim effect” to change the communication of your charity to double donations to your cause. The “identifiable victim effect” describes the idea that we as humans care more about other people when they are represented by a specific individual with an…

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The Choice Architect

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