Reduce choice for higher sales

Idea The average modern American supermarket offers around 47,000 products and the default thinking of marketers around choice is; the more choice the better. This idea is about how fewer choices can sometimes actually give more sales and explores how to think about applying this to your business for higher sales and increased customer satisfaction. Background Research In research it…

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Improve marketing with behavioral economics

Idea This idea is about how you can improve your business strategy by applying learnings from the British government and the field of behavioral economics. I want to introduce one of the most important processes any CEO or CMO can pickup today, which is the process to “Test, Learn and Adapt” in conjunction with randomised…

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Reward substitution in education

Idea This ideas is focusing on the possibilities to use the concept of “Reward substitution” to improve education. The key concept of reward substitutions is the following; when you place a short term salient reward it changes how people discount future rewards. Basically that you are more likely to play Xbox now than to study for…

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The Choice Architect

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